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Astro Transits Recorded Reading: For this offering, I will need your accurate date, time, and place of birth in order to review your natal chart with upcoming transits in as much depth as we can cover in 60 Minutes. 


This reading will include me using Intuitive Astrology to review what the upcoming 6 months will bring regarding any important aspects, astrological transits, and significant placements in your chart. This should help you understand what energies are working with you and what to focus on for the next 6 months.


Intuitive Astrology is a little different than most traditional things you will find online. I will review all of the major aspects, as well as looking at how all of the planets play out for you. I look at the chart as a whole, what makes you who you are, where you are coming from, and also what is coming ahead. You can ask specific questions about certain things going on with your chart, as well. I will also touch on the North and South Nodes, and any other relevant luminaries or points of interest that are not traditionally offered in free online chart readings. 


As this is an Astrology Session, I will need your accurate date, time, and location of birth prior to your session.  No other information will be necessary.


Please put any specific questions you may have about your chart that you would like clarity on, or even specific dates that you would like me to highlight.


Once purchased, you will receive an email with a detailed interpretation of each your natal chart placements via a personalized recording of your reading. A personalized link from Google Drive will be sent to you and you will be able to download your reading to your personal device/computer.


As this is a larger recorded email reading, these will take a little bit longer to complete. Astro Transits Re