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Truth Speaker Challenge: Days 1 & 2

Hello, lovely soul friends!

It has been a hot minute since I popped on and did some fun writing or even a Tarot challenge, which is always fun to have some interesting ways of connecting to myself and my current path.

I recently connected with Thomas of Hermits Mirror and just loving the drool worthy photos, lovely captions and fun ways he brings Tarot to Instagram. I love connecting with other creators and just admiring their presence and work. His pictures are stunning, the way he interprets the cards is unique, and he is also so generous with his connection. Alright, enough #fangirling from me!

I wanted to share my own personal spreads and interpretation of the work I need to do with this current energy going on. He developed this challenge to help us connect with the energy of Libra season.

His caption includes:

"My Libra challenge will focus on both the Justice aspect of Libra - speaking truth that stems from objectivity, lots of input, and thoughtfulness - and the Venusian side of Libra - using charm to attract and to nurture relationships (the non-judgy meaning of ”people pleaser”). You may be more drawn to one side of Libra or the other, but here we’ll try to balance the scales."

As someone who has Saturn and Pluto Retrograde in close conjunction in Libra in my Third House, I thought this challenge would be perfect for me and how to connect more to the "Truth Speaking" aspect within myself.

I have attached a picture below that links up to his Intagram account and also his website is linked above on his name. He developed this Tarot challenge, with these fascinating spreads and gladly shared it with all of us. I thought it was beautiful and so accurate for all of what I have been currently setting up to work through. You can use Tarot, Oracle, or a mix. Or be like me and just use whatever deck you feel drawn to for the day! There are no rules! As it is a Tarot challenge, I would suggest sticking to Tarot decks, but you can mix it up however you like!

I am slowly doing the challenge daily, so only going to post Days 1 and 2 for this blog post and will follow up once I get through the next set of days.

Check out my interpretations below of the cards I pulled for myself and also how I am processing the questions and their cards. I have found that this has made me so introspective, as far as how I communicate and connect with others.

Day 1: Justice & Empress

Okay, that's a nice picture and all, lady... but what does it mean? Well, you're in luck. Here we go! Featuring one of my all time fave decks which feature the gorgeous artwork and stir this little frigid heart of mine - the Tarot Mucha. This deck features some of my favorite cards from the Major Arcana, although I do have a few other Tarot decks that have some absolutely beautiful interpretations of the Major Arcana. But this challenge calls to use your Favorite Justice card (representative of Libra) and your Favorite Empress (resenting Venus, which also rules the sign of Libra).

So moving on to the questions for the bottom two cards:

What is my relationship with speaking truth?

Eight of Cups

"Transition and change, a spiritual journey."

This card represents getting away or withdrawing from a situation in your life, leaving behind what was once familiar in search of new horizons (new beginnings).

It's important to retreat from the outside world to enable you to pause, reflect, and heal. Commune with your soul and give the power of spirit the opportunity to restore you. This will also give you the vitality to move forward in a positive direction. The number 8 represents infinity, passion, control, and power. Use this opportunity to tap into your heart and soul in order to find the courage and strength to continue your journey in that wonderful, undiscovered territory.

Interesting, I had to laugh as I received this card. I am a very logical and rational person by nature, with very deep emotions that I have to fully process before I can get out there and speak. It is why I am hesitant to be more visible in my brand, it is why I don't like speaking with others during high emotional moments, and why I must emotionally withdraw myself before being able to communicate in a way that feels effective to me.

I also feel like a lot of the work I do is very intuitive. Funny being such a logical and rational person, yet having to do this work which is the opposite aspect of myself. When I am doing this work with clients, or even when I show up in my posts, I allow myself to be very intuitive. I just write, I don't overthink it, I just share. Like word vomit, it all comes out and people enjoy it.

I prefer deep connection, which this card alludes to. This is about deep, internal connection. So, I have NO problem walking away from things that don't feel or ring true. I am always searching for meaning (#foreverstudentlife) and have actually constantly restructured my life in a way that doesn't seem to make sense to others.

I do get easily confused, disappointed, and feel a loss of trust with others when I feel like the energy is off, or they are being disingenuous. As cliche as it may sound, if the vibe is off, I am outta there. The Eight of Cups shows up and tells me I have to take control of my own circumstances. I also easily detach from others when I feel I need to work on myself. Another layer to this card, is change and transition.

English is my second language. Spanish was my first. I studied French for 6 years and Latin for 3 years. I love learning languages, although I have not dedicated time to it. The way I have learned to communicate with others is constantly in transition. My truth has gone from being a native Spanish speaker to slowly losing it over time from lack of conversation with other native Spanish speakers. I have had to fight a hard battle to lose the accent, to fit in, to feel good enough to be a citizen to immigrant parents. I have gained my voice in some ways, but also lost something in the process.

There is an exhaustion I have felt in being this in-between person. A Mexican-American. An Immigrant's Daughter. And I am constantly shifting and changing and becoming something more. I stepped away from what was familiar - my native tongue and have learned a new way to connect, while still understanding what I have given up in order to have it.

What is my relationship with pleasing others?

Six of Swords

"Recovery from difficult times."

You may be feeling like you're in the thick of a transition period, heavy and depressed, but keep working through it. Let go and surrender what is no longer serving you, and listen to the guidance that resides within. Take this opportunity to reassess your beliefs and values slowly, exploring the depth and breadth of your beauty and your evolving internal worlds. You are moving away from your past and who you used to be and towards who you are becoming. This is a time of learning and growth. Clarity and more prosperous times lie ahead, so it's important you begin to chart a path forward, reflective of your heart. Back your intuition and combine it with logic, so you may sail towards the stars. Trust and know that there is fun and hope for the future. It is a time to make decisions for yourself and your life. Six of Swords card indicates someone who is very good at problem-solving and implementing new strategies and systems. They are very intelligent people who can master many skills in many different environments. They continuously seek out to create a better world and are impartial and fair. They often succeed in personal goals and are always ready to go on a new adventure, learning new skills and meeting new people. These people love to invest in themselves and they often take their expertise to humanitarian causes and non-for-profit organization where they work hard towards building a better tomorrow.

So, Swords and I, we don't always get along and they have been following me around all year. I get it. I guess 36 is my Swords year. Although I have avoided Surgery this year, a lot of other things have "cut" me, so I see the wisdom in Swords and their total mental/air energies, too.

Now, Six of Swords is a card I don't usually like working with too much, because it just feels like a runaway card. As creatures of comfort, we don't usually make drastic changes easily. Swords come in swinging and telling you what needs to be cut away!

Life is filled with moments when you are going to be forced into letting go of things that you have become attached to. This will be challenging. The Six of Swords shows the sadness that you may be feeling, but you have to remember that the pain will not last, so you should look instead to the future for strength.

So... yeah.. what is my relationship with pleasing others? I do it. A lot. I learned it from a young age. To be quiet and not make a fuss. But I am also a bit of a truth teller and always try to stand up for the underdog. This has always caused me a lot of issues with others. Being in the Army for 8 years, you better believe I was whistle blowing with the best of them. I was a constant headache to my chain of command. I also struggle making decisions. I like to make a choice and not really tell people what I am doing. Perhaps that is the cloaking here, it isn't intentional, but I have to just do things first and figure it out - then tell everyone what's shaking!

Also, being almost 40, I am a lot less tolerant of BS. My patience is still there, but I definitely won't let some bullshit stand in the way of me being myself or being happy any longer. I call it out, and those words can sometimes be seen as daggers - when in reality they just are cutting through the bs.

I always try to be fair, I always try to be just, and I always try to be empathetic to others. Even when I don't get that same energy, but you best believe I don't mind walking away and emotionally distancing myself from those who don't see a benefit in our relationship.

I am constantly trying to improve, create a better place for myself and those around me, and investing myself in communications, connections, and relationships that bring me balanced support.

I will continue to do my best to help others and love them through their process, but I am always real, honest, and maybe sometimes a bit blunt. Got a heart bigger than my ass, and that can sometimes be my problem.

Day 2: Balancing The Scales

Oooof... do you see what I see? Stalker cards, I tell ya!

Here is another one of my all time fave decks which feature the gorgeous artwork by the talented Lana Zellner who is an amazing tattoo artist and I got to meet this year, as well. She gifted me the original of the Death card and I was in literal tears.

This is the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot and is available for purchase through U.S. Games, as well.

So Day 2 of the Truth Speaker Challenge brings some new questions and cards to ponder over - and here we go:

What can I do to balance the scales?

The High Priestess

"Studying your wisdom within."

The High Priestess represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. She is often described as the guardian of the unconscious. She sits in front of the thin veil of awareness, which is all that separates us from our inner selves. The High Priestess knows the secret of how to access these realms. She represents spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination, divine knowledge and wisdom. She has a deep, intuitive understanding of the Universe and uses this knowledge to teach rather than to try to control others. She generally appears in a Tarot reading when you need to listen to and trust your inner voice. The High Priestess card represents a link to the subconscious mind, which cannot be accessed through the everyday world but only through dreams and symbols. She is here to remind us to pay attention to your dreams and intuition. Look for areas in your life that may be out of balance or that require greater foresight and wisdom. Knowledge of how to fix it will not come through logic or intellect but through your intuition so put aside a time when you can meditate and listen to your own inner voice. Your intuitive sense right now is providing you with useful and helpful information and is assisting you to become more in touch with your subconscious mind. This can also point to the unknown and can indicate that your life is changing. Things that once seemed certain can no longer be taken for granted. Some puzzling mysteries become clearer but all is not yet revealed at this point. On the plus side, you will find that your intuitive powers are increasing and you may be inspired to be creative. The High Priestess card is therefore a particularly good card for poets and writers.

As far as how this comes in to help me balance the scales, it again points to trusting my intuition, going within, and not trying to control how things should be or sound like. Our intuition is a beautiful antennae that can allow us to connect deeply to the wisdom stored within our souls, our bodies, and even a direct link to the Higher Self. She is the card that says LISTEN.

Communication isn't always about waiting to respond, but about taking in and listening to the words being shared before you are ready to formulate your own response. We have forgotten to be present in how we connect, and technology is a beautiful tool that can also close us off to the empathy, verbal and non-verbal cues, and tone in someone's communication.

Perhaps this is here as a challenge to continue to connect to myself and trust that what needs to be shared will be heard, connection will happen without forcing it, and that at the end of the day, all of the words will come from the deep intuition within myself.

The High Priestess is a card that reminds me that you are comfortable with your magic, you are aware of your power, you use it as needed, and all things are a part of your presence. Balance is always important, but so is knowing what you intend to create, coming from your intuition, and trusting your soul in the process.

Having Saturn and Pluto in Libra Retrograde in my Third House - the house of communication, connection, and technology - I have always felt a bit behind in how I could connect with others, while also having to keep a lot of what I intuit to myself. I have frightened others with what I have spoken, I have made people uncomfortable with what I have said, and so for so long I quieted myself down. Writing is a much more comfortable medium for me. I always ask that people take what they need, leave what they don't. My intention is never to hurt, but only to share the words within me.

Saturn is restrictive. Pluto can be destructive. But Saturn gives us structure. Pluto blesses us with transformation. These huge planets being Retrograde in my 3rd house point to me having to go within, processing, shifting, and laying the foundation for what I want to share and speak and be in my communication.

I have attuned myself and my communication to The High Priestess in order to thrive in my life. It is what has served me best.

What has prevented me from doing that?

Six of Swords

"Recovery from difficult times."

In life, there will be times that the only way to fix a problem is to leave it and move to start anew. You may feel like this is the coward’s way out, but escape is the only approach that is left when you have tried all other methods. The important part is to plot your new course that will lead you to happiness. The Six of Swords in this case, is to plan using your logic, clarity, and objectivity about where you are now, where you have been and where you want to go. Intuition can help, but you need to think logically to ensure your success.

So, again.... this card is stalking me in my spreads. I can't help but laugh.

What has kept me from balancing the scales - my own fears, my own overthinking, my own editing of what I have to say in order to not hurt someone. I have long avoided being "out" for my witchy woo woo. Hiding behind a screen and keyboard. Running away from opportunities to be more visible and present. I long to just hide away!

I have often avoided having difficult conversations with others, not even so much out of fear - but out of not wanting to deal with the aftermath. Pluto in the 3rd house, I feel like what I say sometimes can be very destructive. It is at 29 degrees, as well - giving it a sharpness. So close to my 4th house and understanding how my lack of being understood often created massive problems with my family.

I joined the Army to get away. Spent 8 years moving all over the US. Moved back to Texas when I got out, regretted moving back.

Finally moved away again, to North Dakota - as far as I could from all that I have known. Had explosive conversations with family before I left. They don't always understand me, and I feel it is best to leave it as is.

What I have been doing is being more authentic in my communications with others. My work has grown. I am sharing more. But it is a departure from when I first started. I still shy away from being visible. From being known. I am a naturally logical, methodical creature who is learning to balance logic and intuition. Learning to be more aware of her own gifts, how I share them, and how I show up in this work - and at the end of the day, my life - as well.

Perhaps my logic and analysis paralysis has kept me from rising up, becoming the High Priestess. Perhaps my own overthinking is what keeps me in this comfortable, yet small space. Perhaps it is my need to run the hell away from the hard conversations and being okay with my intuition that also keeps me from rising up into the position I am meant to be in.

Guess it is time to quit playing.

What Can I do today to start overcoming?

Eight of Cups

"Transition and change, a spiritual journey."

The Eight of Cups signifies time for change or transition, by means of walking away from something. Just like a caterpillar has to die before transforming into a beautiful butterfly, we all need to transform ourselves in our lives from time to time. This is the case especially after being tired of living what was the day to day, and embarking on a journey that will help one have a deeper understanding about life in general.

It also shows the willingness to detach oneself from others so that one can work on self-improvement, self-understanding and growth.

Oh, Tarot - you funny and sarcastic little thing that challenges me so, calls me out and makes this gal so uncomfortable with your not quite so subtle jabs. Used two different decks on two different days and got the same cards in similar questions - now tell me that is not the Universe trying to play games?! There are 80 cards in the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot and 78 cards in the Tarot Mucha. What are the chances? LOL...

But this card again means I gotta start changing. I can't be as I was and do things as I have. I need to shift. Emotionally more connected to what I want share, while also not JUST relying on my emotions. This is the balance. Feeling and knowing. Intuition and intellect. Both working together, in conjunction and creating something other.

Analysis paralysis constantly keeps me from being more open and sharing with others. I literally will criticize myself so severely that I keep myself in this comfortable space. I know I have been urged to be and do more. To quit hiding away, and even the subtle encouragement from past clients has been very affirming.

I wanted to quit doing all of this so many times. SO MANY TIMES. I have lost count. I lose faith in myself. It is easy to just shut down and close up. I keep thinking that there is no point. No one really cares what I have to say.

But then....

A little comment of: "Me, too!"

The people thanking me for sharing. The people who say they are glad they found me because they are now exploring themselves further.

Yes, Pluto destroys. BUT - it also transforms. It tears away what isn't working so that you can rebuild something that will. Saturn rules structure, it constricts, it is like the strict father telling you to get your shit together - and YES. I NEED IT. Saturn is teaching me structure and how to build upon a solid foundation in my communication. Using what I have done and learned, and moving forward.

I have to remove MY OWN personal emotions about what I being divinely guided to share, or else I will never flourish. Trusting my intuition and coming from that space will serve my highest good. This is what will lead me to the divine path I have been treading all of this time.

This journey has been long, arduous, challenging. And it isn't over. I am learning. Unlearning. Making. Remaking. Building. Tearing down. Creating. Unbecoming.

It is always a balance between showing up while feeling scared af. I don't mind diving deep, but I do need to come up for air. And that is where this balance must take place in my life. Being both ethereal and corporeal.


Phew! Isn't this just amazing?! Doesn't it make you want to take a step back and really relish this beautiful energy that Libra brings? I know that this challenge and these spreads have helped me really focus my energy and intent on what I need to work with. I also am being shown weak spots, and how to redirect my energy into the right things.

So, let me know how your personal readings went. Did my reading resonate for you, as well?

Don't forget that you can purchase your own personalized reading from me in my Shop and that I am also doing another New Moon Ceremony for the Libra New Moon on Saturday, 9/28. I also have a really awesome giveaway going on for Mabon on my Instagram account which ends this evening.

Thanks for joining in for this beautiful reading. Have a glorious New Moon and Libra Season!

Much love, light, and a multitude of blessings, soul friends!


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