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Card Drawing September 22, 2019

Good day, soul friends! Happy Mabon! It is officially autumn and I am here for it. I hope your week was fantastic and that your weekend brought you some rest! I have been trying to give myself a bit more peace on Saturdays and enjoying time with my family.

Today's guidance comes from the Earth Magic Oracle deck by Steven D. Farmer.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you selected Card 1:

Ceremony - Invocation - It is in sacred ceremony that we have one of the greatest opportunities to experience communion with Source, one where the perceived dualities of both heaven and Earth merge into an experience of the Divine. Through the use of sacred pieces that have become imbued with spiritual significance, we bring forth ceremony catalyzed by clear intention and preparation. Sacred ceremony is prayer in action. In this image, a woman kneels before an altar where a number of crystals are placed, light emanating from the hands. We see incense burning, Snake spirit rests nearby and various ethereal beings appear in a wispy shroud of light around her head. All the while the tapestry upon which she sits appears to be on fire, symbolizing the fiery passion brought on by the intense focus of Spirit that has been invoked for this ceremony. Calling Spirit forth in this way facilitates a direct and heartfelt sense of relatedness to Source. Whether through indifference, depression, life crisis, or any other manifesto of mental, emotional, or physical blockages, you have drifted from the intimacy with Spirit for which you yearn. It is important to do what you can to regain an experience of spiritual power that is contained within you and all around you. Do so by conducting a ceremony, one that involves not only Spirit but also material objects you consider sacred. Set up an altar in a convenient area that is apart from your usual living space. Start with representations of the four major elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water), and then add just a few sacred objects. Set your intention for the ceremony, such as whether the purpose is for hearing, celebrations, or honoring a particular Earth season or cycle. Then do an invocation to call upon your Spirit Guides. Breathe their presence, and ask these Divine beings to guide you throughout the process. Trust their guidance. Feel your heartbeat and keep breathing. Breath is the key to the actual experience of Spirit, and creating a ceremony is the vehicle that supports this.

If you were drawn to Card 2:

Wolf - Instinct -

Some of the strongest characteristics of our brother and sister wolves are loyalty, companionship, playfulness, and affection. They are exceptional parents and take great care of their young. We see similarities to wolves in domesticated dogs, particularly in certain breeds, yet these tamed and distant relatives have long ago transferred their loyalty and pack behavior to humans. Yet wolves are still carnivorous wild animals, surviving by seeking out whatever food is available that meets their dietary needs. This is instinctually driven and is the most basic and natural drive that all living things possess. Over the centuries, the encroachment of civilization into the wolves' natural territories and the periodic scarcity of game have prompted these beings to hunt whenever they could, which at times include a rancher's or farmer's cattle or sheep. This, in turn, has triggered a desire for revenge by these people so that they hunt and kill wolves, what has decimated their ranks. Its the so-called civilized world clashing with the world of the wild and instinctual. You have lost touch with your instinctual sensitivities. It is the result of cultural and/or religious proscriptions dictating that anything wild and instinctual is threatening and, therefore, has to be controlled or eliminated. Now is the time to overcome this limited mindset and tune in to these instinctual cues. Let the Spirit of Wolf be your teacher, and call upon this benevolent being for help identifying what these specific cues are saying. Shed some of your inhibitions with the only guideline being to "do no harm". Experiment by getting out of the straitjacket of familiar societal norms and listening to those sensations in your gut that are trying to give you a message. It may be a warning or an urging to take action of some sort. Take some deep breaths, and simply notice what your bodily sensations are telling you. Your mind will be the receiver of that information, and your body and mind can learn to work more closely with each theory once again.

If you chose Card 3:

River - Movement - The softened light from the sun falls upon this meandering river, the sparkles reflecting the gentle movement taking place in the river's body, sometimes gently, as portrayed in this card, and sometimes quite rapidly and intensely. Still, the river'smovement will always initially land in her bosom of great Grandmother Ocean. Some of her water will evaporate along the way to feed the waters of the sky - just as it takes place in any other bodies of water - and bless the land and the seas with replenishment in a perfectly natural cycle that helps the planet sustain itself. Water is our lifeblood, a nutrient more essential than food. e flow of water throughout our own bodies serves as a metaphor for Life itself flows through us and expresses as us. Fighting or blocking the flow of your Life Force can lead you to feeling spiritually disconnected from Source. Just like the metaphor of the river, it does not work to force or fight this compelling movement. When you simply pay attention and observe the flow, it becomes easier to navigate your experiences and see what lies ahead, or at least get a sense of what is to come by the ever-changing geography that unfold as you cruise along. Your resistance is hampering your ability to make a choice in this matter. Surrender to the movement of Life, be grateful, and you will see the signs along the shore and in the river itself that offer you clues about what direction your egoless Self is to be making. "Go with the flow" Is more than a trite aphorism here. It is essential that you do so now. Breathe, relax, and you will know.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!