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New Readings + Cameo

Hello, lovely soul friends!

I have added a few new reading styles and other offerings to my shop here and slowly closing out my current Etsy shop, as it is not where I would like a majority of my traffic and offerings to be. I was asked to join Cameo and have done a couple readings on there - so really enjoying this fun and exciting way of connecting!

Here are some of the things I have added to my shop and also how to connect with me via Cameo. 

Cameo Video Recorded Reading

Cameo is new and enjoyable service that connects people with personalized videos. I was invited to the platform to offer a video reading option that is an original way for me to connect with my clients. It is an interesting and unique way for me to offer my readings to more visual clients. Or for those who want to see what a live session would be like with me. 

You can connect and order your own video recorded 2 card Reiki infused and personalized reading from me on their platform:

The first 5 people who order can get $5 off by using code "astroangel". I am so excited as this may also open up the possibility of me doing YouTube readings and videos, as well.

Being in front of my business hasn't been easy for this shy, introverted gal... but I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and looking for new ways to connect with clients.

I feel so excited for the comfort zone pushing I am dedicated to do in 2019 - it is never easy when you doubt or feel insecure about how things will be received. Anyway, link up with me there if you're looking for a different way of receiving a reading from me.

Thanks for supporting me and my work!

Pisces Full Moon Reiki Ceremony

This is another new offering and way to connect with clients for the moon cycles. I offered the first go for the first 2019 New Moon in Capricorn and enjoyed it so much, so decided to add it as a regular offering timed with the moon cycle. 

I haven't had a chance to do them since late April due to scheduling conflicts, traveling, and also just life - but I love the energy of this upcoming Full Moon, so decided to join in on the fun again for this placement.

This week we have the first Full Moon of 2019. This purchase includes Crystal Reiki with your personal intentions focused on, and a 9 page guide written by me that includes a collective card drawing, angel messages channeled by me, astrological interpretations, and also any information picked up during the reiki session.

Purchase your own in my shop for $5.55. The session will be done on September 13th at 10 PM CMT. The downloadable guide will be sent out on September 14th.

Playing Card Readings

Been studying so many different methods of reading cards and various options - so this was a fun thing to work on and learn for the last 2 years. I love the method of cartomancy and the very straight up nature of it. 

I am offering Playing Card Readings (Recorded and Email options) of 3 pulled playing cards with full interpretations. Email is $11.11 and Recorded is $22.22.

These are a great way to get a quick and "dirty" type of reading and answer - they are very practical and get straight to the point. I love this option for those who would like a very blunt answer to some of their lingering questions. 

Both options are available in MY SHOP only for purchase. 

Dealer's Choice Recorded Readings

This has been a fun option in my shop for many years, and I recently thought to record these Email options instead of just offering email readings. Recordings are about 40 to 60 minutes long and cover 2 to 3 crystal meanings, 1 rune meaning, 3 to 5 oracle card meanings, and 1 tarot card meaning. 

Recording options are available to purchase in the shop now for $55.55 and the regular email option is $44.44.

Both options are available in MY SHOP only for purchase.

So those are a few of my client favorites, best sellers, and also some new readings I have added to the shop! I hope you guys enjoy them and order a personalized reading from me soon!

Much love and light, soul friends!

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