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Card Drawing July 21, 2019

Good day, soul friends! I hope your week was lovely and that the weekend brought you some much needed rest. I have been busy trying to get things in their place (physically and mentally). This year has brought many changes, but I feel the deepest ones have been within my soul. I am feeling the magic of the eclipses and retrogrades. I will be traveling the next week and so excited to take a small break to enjoy some nature.

This is the Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild and the artwork is breathtaking!

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


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If you selected Card 1:

Our Lady Of Blessing Bestowed -

I am offering you a spiritual gift now, the gift of a heavenly blessing. This blessing may come through a person, place or thing, or vest from within your own heart, unfolding like a blooming rose. I ask that you trust me because, in receiving this blessing, things will change. The changes are a shedding of that which would hold you back from fully receiving my blessing. My blessing asks you to have trust and courage as I help you to leap into your Divine fulfillment more swiftly than you could do without it. A blessing sounds like a marvelous happening, and it is! However we can forget that divine energy, which is concentrated like spiritual vitamins, will cause healing and this may move circumstances and situations along, often at a rapid pace. A blessing is like a divine volcanic eruption from within our heart. It can start with a rumble, but when the time is right, we can ignited and cannot be held back from an explosion of divine love that might change everything that is in the way of our next heavenly steps upon the earth. Rest assured that a blessing from the Holy Mother is only given when we can handle it, though you can also expect that there will be times, as the blessing begins its work, when you may wonder if you are really up to what you feel is being asked of you. You may doubt yourself at times, questioning if you can really handle what is happening in your life without falling apart completely. You will succeed, through the Holy Mother’s grace of course, but sometimes you might wonder if you aren’t just cracking up inside, to be broken apart, never to be repaired. This is a sign that we are really growing, and especially outgrowing a past that is too small for our soul’s future. With all this challenge, we might ask ourselves if we really want a blessing at all! However, a blessing is an absolutely priceless treasure. It clears karmic debris that would keep us stuck - perhaps for a long time, or even lifetimes. A blessing not only rips off a Band-Aid, but is a zap of healing energy, that may feel uncomfortable for a relatively short time, but is essentially just the workings of life force restoring a wound to wellness. As we heal spiritually, our wants and needs can change, sometimes quite dramatically. We might outgrow some relationships or life situations as this happens. Other relationships or life situations will be able to bear the change and come with us. Either way, a blessing speeds up and intensifies this process and helps us accomplish in a short time what may have taken much more effort over a longer period. It is a helping hand-up to our next level of awareness and embodied consciousness by the Divine. Although given freely, the grace of the blessing is that it happens when the time is right , not a moment too soon or too late. This oracle is coming to you because the time is right for you and this blessing is being offered to you now, whether you understand its ultimate purpose or not. We don’t have to know that a blessing is happening for it to work its magic - through of course it can be nice to know that the Divine is taking over if, suddenly, things go awry before they fall into place in a new way. Our role is to be honest and present with our feelings and let the chips fall where they will, so to speak. You are giving permission for the Divine to take over your life direction for a moment, trusting in the greater wisdom and perspective of the Holy Mother and her unconditional love for you, and her passionate desire for your spiritual liberation. With the onset of this blessing, you might have a subtle reorientation, or you might suddenly feel like you are heading in a very different direction. Either way is perfect for you. Trust. All will be well. And soon the chaos of change will be replaced with great joy, gratitude, and and even deeper loving trust in the tender genius of the Divine Mother’s grace.

If you were drawn to Card 2:

Our Lady Of Manifest Miracles -

Love seeks to manifest through you, as you. It is no only your spirit that is to be blessed by love, but your body and your life too. You are meant to live a reality of divine love. You are meant to experience the presence of the Divine in everyday life. Your spiritual life and material existence are not destined to be separate but rather are to be united, enhancing each other, infusing each other with love in sacred relationship. My miracles are not limited to the world of spirit. They manifest in the material world as signs that divine love is alive in the here and now. Will you be a willing channel for my miraculous manifestations? We may think of miracles as special, out of the ordinary occurrences, yet Mother Mary teaches us that the miraculous is meant to happen every day. It already does! If only we had the eye of the heart open enough to see it, we would be sent into states of rapture at how marvelous divine creation is, at how extraordinary is the creativity that unfolds in every moment of our lives, and how miraculous intervention happens through divine grace. Subtly, and yet inevitably, grace brings this person and that person together, it weaves this synchronicity into that, which leads to another amazing moment of creation. Endlessly the miracles of creation build upon each other, in exquisite patterns of divine love simply happening. We can be fearful of not being in control of it, of not knowing how it is going to work itself out, or we can be in awe and trust, and choose to surrender into the flow of the Mother’s grace. So vast is the scale of divine intelligence unfolding in perfect plan upon the earth, our mind might become overwhelmed and challenged by what is essentially unfathomable to anything other than the trusting heart that needs no explanation. No matter how we choose to look at things or respond, life itself, including the miraculous manifestations of the Divine Mother, continues. This oracle, however, brings to you a special task, if you are willing to accept it. This task is to become a sacred vessel through which the miracles of the Mother can be made manifest. Throughout history, there are stories of ordinary people who were asked by Mother Mary to perform some task or other These tasks were not impossible, but were challenging because they asked each individual to put more faith in her will prevailing, than in their fears and the fears of those around them, even if they couldn’t see how that could be possible. These people became known as saints, but they began just as you and I, ordinary people living their lives, with a love for the Holy Mother and a desire to be open to the miraculous. To fulfill the task that the Mother will ask of you, whether you know what that is right now or have no idea whatsoever as yet, you will need to have courage. Courage will hep you trust your heart as you sense her task for you. It might be a seemingly small task, such as planting a garden of flowers on your front lawn, which will benefit all those who pass by. It might be a large task, such as speaking the truth in a relationship where you might fear, that in doing so, you will lose the relationship. It might be to write a book, or to come out of the spiritual closet, so to speak. It might be to pray for someone who hurt you and to ask for forgiveness for them. It might be to love yourself enough to say ‘no’ to a relationship that is not right for you, even if there is love there. It might be to move to another place, where your light is needed, even if you do not understand that at the time. It might be to support a cause that stirs your heart, or to go to a spiritual class or workshop, or to set some boundaries between you and family members who ask too much of you. Courage will also help us trust in her as we carry out her task. It is through our efforts in carrying out the task asked of us that we empower her to help us. It is difficult to help someone who won’t help themselves. We have to give to receive, and as we receive, we are empowered to give. We need to have courage to start the cycle, without trying to control it. We need courage to accept the help offered and to keep going. Our Lady of Manifest Miracles wants her presence felt, and her plan of love carried out through each one of us in the physical world, and that includes you. This oracle brings special message also, that it is time now to put your spiritual principles to the test. It is time to rely on them completely as a way to live and move in the world. It is not only safe to do this, but the only way to really allow her miraculous love to manifest through you. Doing this will mean that all that is destined to be born through you this lifetime can then be. You are being blessed by the Holy Mother, empowered by her, and asked to trust completely in her grace.

If you chose Card 3:

Our Lady of the Inner Gate -

My initiations are sacred, and no matter what appears to be happening in your life, I am behind it. I am always guiding you towards your heart, for within that sacred Temple, the most precious treasure is kept. To obtain that treasure, you will need courage, trust and faith. I bestow my Grace willingly upon you, my child, without restraint. You must provide the trust in me that gives you courage to take the journey. Your rewards shall be riches beyond all imagining.

There is a teaching that it is easier to be grateful during a feast than a famine. In a similar way, perhaps judging on appearances alone, it can be easier to feel the presence of the Divine behind the happy events of our lives, or strokes of luck and good fortune, rather than in the challenges and loss. Yet the Mother instructs us that she is just as much behind the challenges, as she is behind the more obvious causes for celebration.

How can this be? In her wisdom, she knows that of which we are capable. She knows what our heart can handle, how much heartbreak we can bear, in order to grow our heart into a powerful vehicle for divine compassion, bliss and wisdom. She knows that sometimes the happier path will be of great benefit to us. She also knows that at other times, being granted all that we want, in the way that we think we want it, would actually prevent us from fulfilling our divine destiny and receiving our full spiritual inheritance.

Whilst there will be many times in her journey with us that she guides us along a joyful path, there will also be times when her guidance leads us straight into what we most wanted to avoid! That might be loss or challenge, or a letting go of what requires greater trust that we have ever had to summon before, or a need to endure great confusion as let go of a life too small for us. What gets us through these initiations is the understanding that she is not trying to harm us or punish us, but to bring us to life!

Our Lady of the Inner Gate comes to us with a message. We are being initiated into the power of our own hearts. The heart creates a powerful magnetic field that can be felt within us, and around us. As we grow spiritually, the electromagnetic field of the heart grows too, and our energetic influence can become important, not only to immediate family members, but to whole communities with which we are involved. We can continue to grow in that heart power and become influential and sustaining to the world around us. This can even operate to the point that a country we are traveling in, at any given time, will be impacted by our heart field, through which the Mother's grace can flow.

Whatever is happening in your life at the moment - whether joyful emerging or challenging descent into facing a fear - know that it is an initiation into your heart power. We move through these initiations by not resisting them, by staying present and being with what we feel. This might seem impossible, and yet it becomes possible with practice, patience and a willingness to trust that it isn't some random suffering, to try and get out of as soon as possible, but a pathway that is leading us somewhere truly valuable. Even if we are in dark times, we can know that Our Lady of Inner Gate is guiding us, keeping a watchful eye on us, and a guiding hand at our backs, so that we can find our way into the deeper chambers of our hearts.

This oracle heralds a time when you are growing in spiritual power, Whether you are aware of this consciously or not, you are becoming a person of increasing energetic influence. If you have some natural sense of spiritual responsibility, you may worry about this, wondering if you are always putting out constructive vibrations! Do not fear. You do not have to be perfect; you just need to be yourself and trust. It is your trust in the Divine that brings the most power to your heart emanation and the most healing to the world around you. It is your willingness to experience your life with growing trust that empowers the Mother to act through you, and for others to be nourished by your presence.

It is your trust that paves the way to the inner gate, opening it wide and allowing you to discover the treasure within your heart. It is the riches within that you are looking for always - even if you fantasize from time to time that you are desiring something else. Without the riches of the heart, anything else obtained soon enough shows itself to be an empty vessel. It is the fullness of life itself, and all that it offers, that shall open up to your heart, as it becomes even more capable of receiving that precious gift, through this process.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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