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Food Fortunes by Josh Lafayette

Hello, soul friends!

Today's review is covering a deck that caught my attention when I saw it in a Swap group. There wasn't much online and I wasn't too sure how I could use it, but I love food (#taurusprobz) and thought it would be fun to get to know. I found someone selling it in a group and I decided to just go ahead and get it.

I hope you enjoy my review and generous pictures!

Food Fortunes

I purchased this deck from a Swap group seller, after seeing a few posts on Instagram showing these hilarious cards. and kitschy cards. I found it to be an intriguing and interesting deck. I wasn't sure what to expect, but thought it seemed fun.

Here is Amazon's description of the Food Fortunes deck:

This playful take on tarot makes divining the sacred mysteries of "what's for dinner tonight?" a snap. Simply lay the cards out three at a time and voila—a meal appears, a vision from the spirit realm. This dining divination game can be played alone or with hungry friends to give apathetic appetites a mystical nudge in the right direction.

About the Author

Josh Lafayette is a commercial artist who lives and works in Boston. His work consists mainly of letters and food and weird things, and he has worked with Nike, Oscar Mayer, Harvard University, New Balance, Atlantic Records, American Greetings, and more. He uses his mystical knowledge and experience to help others achieve his two favorite states of being: laughing and eating.

My Personal Review

This 78-card deck is meant to be used as an Oracle deck than a Tarot deck. I wasn't really aware of what to expect with this deck, so upon opening it up I was a bit surprised that it wasn't very clear on what each card means. I loved the fun artwork and bright color scheme. The fact that the deck is prefaced with a suggestion to use when you can not decide what to eat or where to go for a meal.

The cards are simply food images with funny titles and it also is supposed to be taken as a suggestion for what meal you should eat.

The cards come with a Major and Minor Arcana, much like a Tarot deck. The Minors are Mains, Sides, Drinks, and Sweets.

The card stock is not very thick, semi-matte finish, slick to shuffle, and allows you get a nice bend without cracking the card stock. The finish really helps make the cards shuffle easily without sticking or scratching.

The size of the cards was an average tarot size. Not too large, and not too small. The cards also came in a tuck box. A small guidebook is included with the cards to help you create spreads and help you choose what you should eat.

After playing around with the deck for a few days, I realized this deck was probably not going to be easy to translate as a Tarot or Oracle deck. It was unfortunate to not be able to find a good way for me to use this deck for clients. It is fun, but not very practical.

All in all, I really have enjoyed the deck for fun.

Here are some extra pictures of this fun creation:

Overall, I think this was a fun and kitschy idea to have as a deck. Simple, with quality artwork!

My overall opinion is that this deck is a 3 star choice.

Artwork - 4 stars

Card stock - 4 stars

Ease - 1 star

Guidebook - 1 star

I hope that you enjoyed my deck review, and also enjoy other deck reviews that I add to this site. I have a passion for exploring new decks and also finding various ways of connecting to my intuition. I appreciate you checking out my site and taking the time to read my review.

Happy Reading!


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